OGAWA Smart Galaxia Massage Chair + Tapping Foottee + Snazzy Handheld massager + Turtle Mini Massager

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This sets consists of : OGAWA Smart Galaxia Massage Chair x 1 unit OGAWA tapping foottee foot massager x 1 unit (RM1899) OGAWA 3 in 1 leather kit x 1 unit (Worth RM149) OGAWA Snazzy Handheld Massager x 1 unit (Worth RM398) OGAWA Smart Galaxia Massage Chair DESIGN INSPIRATION Simplicity meets sophistication, OGAWA Smart Galaxia is all about the ultimate personalised relaxation, accentuated by a modern aesthetic with sleek lines and premium finishing for day-to-day comfort and quality. LONGER HYBRID S+L TRACK MASSAGE MODE The Hybrid S+L Track Massage mechanism is now longer and able to target areas from the neck down to the hips, especially on the Fengchi and Huantiao acupressure points. Ideal for relieving constipation and highly recommended to those who are desk-bound and spend long hours sitting. W-SHAPED FOUR-WHEELED ROLLER MOVEMENT Say goodbye to sores and aches. Rolling along the Hybrid S+L track, these W-shaped four-wheeled rollers offer a massage experience with a human-touch. FUNCTIONALITY, PERSONALISED HEALTH CARE Suitable for People with hypertension, anaemia, cervical spondylosis or insomnia; mobile- heavy users; and office workers. RELAX Suitable for Office workers; people who stand for long hours; motorists; and people with hip pain. SWEET DREAMS Suitable for People with insomnia or stress; the elderly; and new users. FITNESS/SPORTS Focuses on the neck and shoulders with upper body massage and muscle stretching. Iittg_LT- Suitable for Athletes and gym goers. BEAUTY INDULGENCE Focuses on the waist and feet with lower body massages and foot massage. Suitable for Ladies and overweight users. YOGA STRETCH Uses Thai massage for muscle stretching, and Tuina techniques to ease lower back pain.. Suitable for People with body aches, and Thai massage aficionados. SPA THERAPY Massage area Uses rolling and kneading massage techniques with air pressure and heat to relieve strees and fatigue. Suitable for The elderly; ladies; stroke patients and retirees. Specifications Product name OGAWA SMART GALAXIA: Model no. OG 5608 Power source : AC 220-240V Alternating current 50/60Hz Power consumption 150W 150N, Maximum operating duration 15 minutes Dimensions Upright position: (L x W x H) 152.0 x 78.5 x 117.5 (cm) Reclined position: 193.5 x 78.5 x 102.5 (cm) Gross weight: 117kg Net weight: 105kg Warranty : 2 years

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